It’s Not Just a Carpet

10/5/21 Design Tips

It’s Not Just a Carpet

With our roots in India we have always been very fascinated and enlightened by different crafts, weaves and carving techniques.

A good Carpet can take a room from Standard to Luxury. A perfect canvas that elevates the entire experience of being in a space.

We are often asked, Are you a Carpet Company? The Answer is, We are an Interior contracting company, specializing in all aspects of interior architecture and design, but, we firmly believe that a carpet is not an afterthought, it is a highly valued decision that we make with every interior project.
It was this vision that led us to develop a specialized segment for premium carpets, offering our clients an opportunity to fully customize their carpeting solution. So yes, carpets are not our only area of expertise, but it’s definitely something which we are vastly popular for in the Middle East and the entire GCC.

With our roots in India we have always been very fascinated and enlightened by different crafts, weaves and carving techniques.With our skilled team of in-house designers, we were able to spin together our rich & vibrant heritage with the opulence and grandeur of the middle east and design bespoke rugs and carpets for our clients ( residential and commercial) and offer them a solution that is high in quality and justifies the price at which it comes at.

At Zuma you can be assured that the carpets are all made with genuine materials and we have a wide range of offerings to suit every requirement and budget.



Hand tufted carpets offer creativity in terms of design and versatility in terms of pile height, density and material finishes. Patterns are formed using a tufting gun with different grades of pure wool or silk. These carpets are most suited for luxury villas, palaces, hotels or any other place that requires an interior facelift.


The collector’s piece, the crowning glory all carpets, these carpets are manufactured by highly skilled artisans on specially designed looms. The weavers manually insert and tie each knot into the rug to form intricate patterns. As we increase the knots the design becomes more rich and the carpet more priceless.


A machine-made carpet that can be made using multiple colors in single carpet. Axminster carpets are hard-wearing and durable in nature and are most frequently used in country homes, luxury hotels, global airlines and train carriages.


Just as the name suggests, these are tiles made of carpet that provide great walking comfort, better acoustics, are highly durable, easy to maintain and replace and a preferred choice for all high traffic areas such as offices, schools, libraries, airports and all those places that require huge floor coverings.


The Jute fiber is blended with some other fibers to weave a carpet, rendering out a twine and rope design. These carpets provide an inherent natural and rustic appeal to the space in which they are used.