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Zuma is a twin identity company that combines Aesthetics, Expertise and Creativity of Zubin & Mallika. Together they form a brand that integrates Zubin’s Technical Competence, Precision and Extensive Experience with Mallika’s Elegant touch, Creative ideas and Imagination. ZuMa specializes in creating functional concepts that interpret, enhance and reflect the design language of their clients.

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An architect by Profession, Zubin Rao started his career in Mumbai with a highly renowned Architectural practice. After gaining commendable response for his unique style and eye for detail, Zubin moved back to Dubai and started working as a partner in an interior contracting company in the year 2009.
Under his tutelage the company successfully completed over 300 projects in a span of 10 years and grew from being an executive desk to a renowned entity in the field of interior contracting and landscaping.
Having dealt with complex projects of every scale; Zubin has a firm grip on every small & challenging aspect of project management (from conceptualization to execution); and has now started a specialized segment under the name Zuma to provide tailor made solutions to suit every unique requirement of his clients.
With a keen interest in Marketing, Branding & strategy development; Mallika Rao has worked with some of the leading brands in the world of OS&E and Home Textile. Having worked alongside Zubin on various private and commercial projects, Mallika is quick to develop a one to one relation with every client of any ethnicity. She has a passion and vigor to ensure that every project is taken over as well as handed over with a lasting impression on the client.

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Carpet Connoisseurs, Parquet & Decking specialists, Interior architecture (residential & Commercial)

  • Concept and detailing, 3-D renderings, Customisation and procurement, On-site fitout, Project styling